It’s Been Awhile

So, first let me say, I realize I haven’t written anything here in a long time.  There is only one reason for this: I started writing on my other blog, as it is related to my full-time job.  You can follow me there – it’s called Frienemies (I would like to note I coined this […]

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I hid in a hospital room with my cousin Scott while my Grandma Emma took her time dying at the age of 93 this afternoon.  Her breathing was incredibly labored and terrifying, and I couldn’t look at her while she was struggling, so I stood behind the IV apparatus/pole behind the bed.  I couldn’t bear […]

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Family Examen

Spending a full day with preschoolers is kind of like doing a 100-mile bike ride (aside from the lack of health benefits).  When you ride your bike for 100 miles, no individual mile is really much more difficult or easy than another.  But, over time, you realize its wearing on you, and if you don’t […]

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The New Taliban

Originally posted on frienemies::
Fill in the blanks: “I left the Azov because it was full of pagans. Committed ___________ in the Azov were not allowed to stop to pray throughout the day – I needed a unit of _________, a closely knit unit of committed _________ warriors. When two of three __________ gather around,…

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End of An Era

I worked my final shift as an employee at 2 Chez, the restaurant I’ve been waiting tables in for the last three years, tonight.  For three years, I have worked as a waiter part time and for an organization called Crescent Project, also part time.  For the last two-ish years now, I’ve been simultaneously working […]

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