Brief Hiatus

It’s been a whirlwind day, which started with a massive house cleaning effort by my wife and I around 8 and is just now ending here in West Memphis Arkansas. My wife and I are headed to New Orleans to hop a cruise ship tomorrow afternoon, and we drove about 7 hours of the way tonight.

The reason we were cleaning house so frantically is two-fold: our house was a mess, and my mom was arriving from Phoenix Arizona this afternoon to watch our kids for the week while we are in the middle of the ocean, and she is a neat-freak. So to honor her, we spent two hours cleaning instead of packing.

Anyway, we have been on the road since 3pm and I’m tired, so I am simply writing this post to say there won’t be posts everyday for the next week. We have to pay for Internet access on the ship, and I don’t value the posting itself enough to pay to be able to do it. But I will be writing everyday, and when I get bak into the land of the Internet, I’ll figure out a way to post a Cruise-log of sorts.

Signing off…


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