Random Thought-Mess About Today

I am proud of my dad.  He’s forever been an example of what it means to follow Jesus in everyday life – he understands full-time ministry as his life, not his job.  This Friday he is celebrating his 40th work anniversary and I am going to be able to attend a luncheon in his honor.  Ever since my parents moved to Phoenix and my brother moved from Phoenix to Pennsylvania, I have lost connection with my family in any significant way.  I’m terrible at long-distance relationships.  I’m terrible at family.  I don’t know why that is.

Two ladies at the restaurant today looked at me like I was the craziest looking person they have ever seen.

One guy asked me how long I have been growing my beard.  I never know how to end those conversations.

The guy at the Char-bucks (Starbucks) drive thru window congratulated me on my beard and told me to keep up the good work.  I said, “Thanks a lot”, and drove away.

The lady at the register at Shop N Save told me that she wouldn’t ever be able to grow a beard like mine.  I said, “That’s probably a good thing.”  She said, she would probably join the circus if she had a beard like mine.  I laughed.  She then trailed off to herself about how they pay better than minimum wage.  I wondered what minimum wage is these days, and felt sorry for her desire to grow a year-beard like mine.

My son bit his tongue and my daughter smashed her upper lip tonight.  I took care of them.  It wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

My son ate 2.95 pancakes in about 7 minutes tonight, then suddenly he decided he had eaten too much and walked away from the table.

Pancakes can be hard to fork.

About 2.5 years ago I told my son a story about a kid named Groby (my son’s name is Obi).  These are always tales about ways in which I wish he would respond more appropriately in real-life situations that he has recently experienced.  Tonight, he randomly asked me to tell him a Groby story.  I told him about how Groby has a beautiful mind, but sometimes he has too much going on in it and it makes him go crazy.  Groby then goes to his room to settle his mind and return to the activities of the day.  There was no moral.  My son was pleased.

Panda Express and Buffalo Wild Wings should go into business together – they could call it Panda Express.

Sometimes, when nothing major or serious happens in a day, its best just to write it out.  Maybe someday I’ll see those beard conversations as opportunities to make someone think about something more than how wonderful my beard is.  I think my dad would do that…if he had a beard.


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