Setting A Low Bar

Some people get sentimental this time of year.  Other people start making projections for the year to come.  Still others get so angry at all of the ‘year in review’ and ‘new year’s resolution’ status updates and blogs and media, they resolve to make no resolutions.  I’m usually in the latter group.  I’m fairly prolific in scrooge-ing any moment of celebration.

Not today.

As I sit here and think about 2015, I am realizing that there is something profoundly spiritual about setting goals, making resolutions, and hoping that there’s a chance that you will live/be/look/act better someday.  We need these moments.  We need to sit and think: What in the world is wrong with me?  What do I need to do to not be this messed up?  Or, what do I hope to accomplish in a year?  How will I make that happen?  We were created, I think, to take regular inventory of our generally messed up existences and say, “Hey, how about we don’t look as messed up in a year?”

So, here is what I look forward to in the upcoming year (this is a low bar, as you will see):

In a year, I want to be done with my current Master’s degree.  Before you tell me to settle down, understand I only have to complete 7 classes this year to accomplish this.  I better make that happen.  On the flip side, being done with my current Master’s degree implies that I might be beginning a second one.  I am not going to resolve to do that, at least at this time.

In a year, I want to accomplish what I set out to do a year ago, which is to establish a culture within the organization I work for that values training students.  That’s my job, so I better do that one too.

In a year, I want to be married for 12 years.  I’ve been married for 11 years, so, again, pretty low bar.


But that’s not it.  Here’s what I’m planning on accomplishing in 2015:

Release an album, promote the heck out of it, and make some money on it, all while also teaching theology through song.

Develop new worship leaders at my church (I’ve set up a year program for this).

Take the next steps towards my vocational goal of being a college professor/writer, including discovering if I need a second Master’s degree and starting that as soon as I can.

Ride my bike at least 800 miles (which is only about 12 miles per week).

Ride at least one roller coaster – which will be easier with season passes to Six Flags.

Take a legit break, from everything.

Keep writing as regularly as possible.

I think I mostly want to feel less like I am just floating around not knowing what the heck I am doing, and instead join the rest of my peers in having a clear idea of what it is that I am doing with my life.

Cheers.  Have a great night saying goodbye to 2014, and welcoming all the future possibilities of 2015.


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