The Real-est Problem and the Biggest Risk

From my other blog…which I am trying to resurrect


My Grandpa stated the obvious to me on the phone today.  He lives in/near Sun City, Arizona, where there are golf-cart crossing signs on almost every street – a true old-person’s paradise.  He has continued to serve the church, since he turned 20 all the way to today, has written a book and a devotional study guide, has a Doctorate and an Honorary Doctorate from the Hindustan Bible Institute.  He loves Jesus.

The obvious statement my Grandpa said to me was this: The people (Muslims) that you are trying to help people learn how to love are the very people that most Americans are afraid of.  He said something about all of the violence and turmoil going on right now in the world, and said that pretty much everyone is afraid of Muslims.  Part of the problem? We don’t hear Muslims speaking out against the violence that Muslims are perpetrating…

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