Easter: Why (not)Zombie Jesus Signals Hope For Us All

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Of all of the things that divide the three Abrahamic faiths, this is perhaps the biggest.  You might think that Good Friday would be the biggest divider, however Jews believe that Jesus died too.  Just like every other wannabe Messiah of the earliest century of our current era, Jesus died.  It’s true that many if not most Muslims also believe that Jesus didn’t die – though the Qur’an hardly corroborates that belief.

No, the biggest divider between us is what Christians say happened on Easter.  Resurrection, or more specifically, the belief that the same Jesus who died on Friday was alive three Jewish days later.  This was even a radically unique, unheard of belief at the time of Jesus.  Because, it wasn’t beat up, battered, zombie Jesus who became THE walking dead.  Instead, the Jesus who came out of the tomb wasn’t the same as the one who went…

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One thought on “Easter: Why (not)Zombie Jesus Signals Hope For Us All

  1. It seems there will always be division over the fact Jesus claimed to be THE WAY. THE TRUTH, THE LIFE. That Christians believe it is fact He rose from the dead and is both God and man, that he is of a virgin birth,that he is the second person of the Trinity, that his Word is true, these are stable unchanging truths.Can we love those who don’t agree? We must. Can we be at the same time unwilling to compromise those truths? We must be unwilling.

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