The New Taliban

Fun Times!


Fill in the blanks:

“I left the Azov because it was full of pagans. Committed ___________ in the Azov were not allowed to stop to pray throughout the day – I needed a unit of _________, a closely knit unit of committed _________ warriors. When two of three __________ gather around, they have God with them, and victory is guaranteed to be with us.” (source:

We are so accustomed to seeing these types of statements from Muslim radicals that, likely, if you’ve been reading or paying attention to news from America over the last 15 years, you automatically inserted ‘Muslim’ and ‘Muslims’ into the blanks. I wouldn’t blame you.

The reality is perhaps surprising to you. In Ukraine, a small-but-growing militia has formed that is determined to fight Russia forever, until “European traditions and the…mindset of the 13th century” are finally set in place. Again, this sounds a…

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One thought on “The New Taliban

  1. My grandmother immigrated from Simferopol which is in the area of fighting and persecution. Al Jazeera Arabic (AJA) is owned by Qatar, not considered by most in Europe or the West as an objective source.
    While Al Jazeera Reports the story you quote, a quick search of reputable Christian sources provide stories of mass persecution of Christians by the Russians. Some respond in passive resistance, some plead for military help to rescue them. The tone of anger with which you often present your view of Christians, here and in foreign countries, cause me to wonder if you harbor hostility within.
    Rather than search to find reasons to be hostile toward Christians, let us work to rescue and support our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in perilous situations .

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